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As of April 12, 2021

Corporate name Sobal Corporation
Founded January, 1983
Address Osaki MT Building, Kita-Shinagawa 5-9-11, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0001 JAPAN
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Capital 214 million yen (as of February 28, 2021)
Amount of sales 7,531 million yen (as of February 28, 2021)
Ordinary income 557 million yen (as of February 28, 2021)
Number of employees Consolidation: 963 / Non-consolidation: 839 (as of February 28, 2021)
Main financing bank Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Gotanda branch
The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd. Shibuya-Meijidori Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Takadanobaba branch
Group Company Consolidated subsidiary :
CORERD Co. Ltd. (Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN),
ANDOR SYSTEM SUPPORT CO., LTD. (Minami-Shinagawa , Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo JAPAN)
Description of business Engineering business
  • Embedded system development(Software and hardware Design development)
  • Application development
  • Web application development
  • Quality evaluation
  • Manual Production
  • IoT solutions
Main clients Sony Group, Canon Group, Fujitsu Group, Recruit Group, Hitachi Group, Toyota Group, NTT Group, CTC Group, Omron Group, etc.
Business achievement Digital camera firmware development, home video game machine development, DVD/HD recorder development, digital video camera firmware development, software for mobile phone, software for car navigation system, inkjet printer related firmware, laser beam printer related firmware, scanner related firmware, various printer development support utility, fax firmware for internal/ western countries, button phone system firmware, business application for various enterprises, various software for multi-function personal computer, application/utility/development support software, various software for laptop computer, development support utility/ storefront demonstration program, device driver, printer driver for Windows, customization for enterprises, check programming for various evaluation, business application for various enterprises, handy terminal middle ware development, WHQL authentication service, Multi-function printer firmware, etc



Advisor Junichi Shiizu

Board Members

As of May 24, 2022

Board of Directors

President Director
Chief Executive Officer & Representative Director
Atsushi Shiizu
Director Masao Higashiya
Director Kei Yamabayashi
Director(Outside Company Director) Tomohiro Takagi

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Audit & Supervisory Board Member Mitsuo Ito
Part-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member
(Outside Company Auditor)
Kazuaki Oshiumi
Part-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member
(Outside Company Auditor)
Kenichiro Kawasaki

Corporate Officer

Corporate Officer Katsumi Inaba
Corporate Officer Kouichi Kawahara
Corporate Officer Hitomi Okubo
Corporate Officer Yuichi Shimatani
Corporate Officer Kenta Nishioka
Corporate Officer Yoshio Sugiyama
Corporate Officer Shigeyuki Furuya
Corporate Officer Kazuyuki Inoue


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As of April 12, 2021


Company Brochure

As of May 24, 2022

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